Welcome to the BetAware TMBB prediction server

BetAware is a web server for TransMembrane β-Barrel (TMBB) detection and topology prediction. Both prediction steps are based on advanced machine-learning methods. For TMBB detection, BetAware exploits a new machine learning approach based on N-to-1 Extreme Learning Machines, while TMBB topology prediction is carried-out using a probabilistic model based on Grammatical-Restrained Hidden Conditional Random Fields, a discriminative framework introduced to address sequence labelling tasks in Bioinformatics..

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Submit a sequence

To start using BetAware you simply need to paste a FASTA sequence in the text area below and press the "Start prediciton" button. The server accepts a single FASTA sequence, at least 30 residue long.

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Retrieve your job results

Prediction results of previously executed jobs are available for a limited amount time (1 month) and can be retrieved by the user. Please, paste the job id you received at submission time (e.g. 154f0677-b6cf-45c9-b945-a7e25ff32958) in the field below and press "Search job" to retrieve the results.